UBoot auto configure: exit code '137'

Hi there,
I ported my forked U-Boot to new hardware and get the following error message when building via Yocto:

do_mender_uboot_auto_configure failed with exit code ‘137’

Unfortunately, the message is not very helpful, any hints towards this?

Hi @buffo

Can you share more of the output? There should also be a log.do_* file mentioned in the output. If you can provide that it will be helpful.


I was not aware that the error code 137 is commonly used for a memory error as the build process simply crashed without further information. After that, Yocto did not output any log file that I could have provided, nevertheless it was a configuration issue regarding my debug output in combination with the CONFIG_DEBUG_LL flag. After a rework I was able to build again, however, I am not sure what exactly was the root cause. :woozy_face:

OK. Glad to hear you got past it. Please let us know if you have further issues.