U-BOOT + Debian Family?

Hi everyone !

We are testing Mender Enterprise for our embedded solution, with the following use case:

  • U-BOOT + Debian (bookworm)
  • embedded devices, u-boot+debian is the OEM choice, x86 and aarch64. We can re-generate images and customize them, though.

Reading along the Mender documentation, it seems that U-Boot is generally supported, although, I have only read about u-boot on the Yocto part of the documentation.

We are trying to figure out:

  1. Is U-boot + Debian a supported scenario by Mender ?

  2. Is there a documentation for such scenario ? (i could only find this yocto page as current guideline)

  3. Will there be Debian-oriented patching tools for debian replicating those in meta-mender ?

Thank you very much in advance,
Wishing you a great day.

Hi @fce,

The question is not that much about Debian + U-Boot, it’s more like - is U-Boot available for the device/platform in question?
Our usual recommendation for Debian is using the mender-convert tool as described here. On the Raspberry Pi, for example it injects a patched u-boot binary.

So it is definitely supported, but I don’t think we have a patching guide (yet).