Typo in BeagleBone Black integration post (Yocto)

shouldn’t it be

repo init -u https://github.com/mendersoftware/meta-mender-community \ 
-m meta-mender-beaglebone/scripts/manifest-beaglebone.xml \ 
-b ${BRANCH}

Indeed it seems like a typo

I found some time to play with thud, so I hope I’ll find also some time to play around with mender.

Glad to hear. Let me know if there is anything…

Are you interested in fixing the typo you found?

Sure I am interested to fix it. Do I have permissions to write over it?

You should have, I upgraded you to “rookie” :stuck_out_tongue:

OK I fixed it

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Thanks :+1:

@robert.berger thanks for fix :+1:

You’re welcome!

I also fixed the the integration checklist above.