Trust levels

The Mender Hub forum works on a user trust system - the more active you are, and the longer you are part of the community, the more you earn the right to help maintain and moderate the community. This is your forum and we want you to have the power to shape and lead it.

Restricting brand new users also works to stop malicious bots or trolls from easily harming the forum and members.

Our trust levels are as follows:

  • New user
    • Can post & reply, but have some restrictions; including on private messages, flagging posts, and posting links & images.
  • Rookie
    • Is allowed all regular forum functionality!
  • Member
    • Gains the ability to invite others to topics, group PMs, and more daily ‘likes’.
  • Guru
    • Greater editing abilities such as renaming & re-categorizing topics, making posts wikis.
    • Can view a secure category for discussion between trusted users.
  • Leader
    • The highest trust level - with this trust comes access certain moderation features.

These trust levels & permissions are based on Discourse’s defaults.