[ Topic template ] for contributing Apply Device Configuration Scripts

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TODO: Add a high level description of the Apply Device Configuration Script functionality

Example use-cases:

  • TODO: add example use-cases here


TODO: List the specs of the Apply Device Configuration Script in below table

Script name < name >
Configuration key(s) evaluated < comma separated list of keys >
Version < version >
Source code < link >
Maintainer < Community/maintainer email >

TODO : Consider removing below warning if you deem your script to not fit the description.

Please be aware that Mender apply-device-config scripts are meant to update and configure parts of the system and if not configured properly they could potentially delete parts or the complete system. Always inspect the code carefully and only test scripts on systems that you can recover easily.

Prepare the device

This section describes how to setup your target device, i.e. the device to be configured. This will also be referred to as the device environment.

All commands outlined in this section should be run in the device environment.


This apply-device-config script has the following prerequisites for the device environment:

Install the apply-device-config script

Download and install the script by running:

**TODO**: Insert install command here


TODO: Describe the Script’s basic usage patterns and scenarios.