Systemctl start mender not working

actually i am tring to start mender client in my raspbian buster image which running in rpi.i am not able to connect to mender server i will attack my snapshot for reference

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is the mender service file actually installed/enabled on your device?

sudo systemctl enable mender.service
sudo systemctl start mender.service

if it still fails, then maybe take a look in /lib/systemd/system or other systemd service file directories to see if the service file is installed on the device

We did do a name change at some point and on recent releases it is called mender-client.service, so it could be that.

Thanks @mirzak
Mender client is started ,but my device is going in pending state,but i already make a entery for this device in Preauthorized state.


I would double check the device identity and public key that they are what you are expect as this is the information that is used to map physical devices to preauthorized devices.

i check the device identity,but how should i set the public key .
path or reference

It is in the client root filesystem as /data/mender/mender-agent.pem. If it does not exist when the Mender client starts, it will be created.

HI Drew ,

i changed the public key & the device identity as (echo “Deviceid =raspberry”) .
Snapshot of preauthorize is attached but when i am restarting the mender-client the device is neither reflected in pending nor accepted .
i also check the client logs ,but didn’t find any thing

Hi @arun it’s hard to say with the info provided. Can you provide the client logs?