How to connect Raspberry Pi 3B+ to Mender Server?

Hi Mender Community.
I installed Mender server follow Production installation | Mender documentation .
Then I want connect a device by this text:
wget -q -O- | sudo bash -s &&
sudo bash -c ‘DEVICE_TYPE=“raspberrypi3” &&
mender setup
–device-type $DEVICE_TYPE
–quiet --demo --server-ip &&
systemctl restart mender-client &&
(cat > /etc/mender/mender-connect.conf << EOF
“ServerCertificate”: “/usr/share/doc/mender-client/examples/demo.crt”,
“User”: “pi”,
“ShellCommand”: “/bin/bash”
) && chmod 0600 /etc/mender/mender-connect.conf &&
systemctl restart mender-connect’
After I run this text on my device. I access Tab Devices but I can’t find any device in tab pending.
Could anyone support me?
Thank you.
Sorry I use English not good!

Hi @luongthanhnhan0509,
thanks for posting and welcome to Mender Hub.

Could you please use the code formatting for the code?

Hi @luongthanhnhan0509 welcome to Mender hub. It looks like you are running a production server but using the demo mode settings on the client side. In this case the client will not be able to connect to your production server because it is using the wrong certificate and likely the wrong IP address. This section of the docs will show you what needs to change on your client for production mode. Then you can run “mender setup --help” to see exactly what needs to change in the steps you have followed.