Set file owner for a single file mender update

I’m using mender-artifact to create a single file update. I made sure the file permissions, owner and group are set proper on my build machine. I also made sure the username and group name are the same on my build machine as they are on the image and that the ID’s match.

The build works fine and the deploy then works as well. The permission are set, but the owner and group are set to root, not the desired user and group.

How do I get the mender update to set the user and group.

Looks like it’s not supported. Feel free to contribute this feature in the module and the generator. This would need to be a new generator argument; it can’t be taken from the filesystem, because the build host’s UIDs setup will almost never match the UID setup on a device (I know you did it, but it’s not common in general).

Thank you for the answer. Because I can set the permissions, I can still use the file. It would be a nice feature.