Roll x64 Images - Archlinux

I do not know if mender is the right solution, but I want to roll Archlinux solutions across a set of x64 devices.

I need a way to update images of computers remotly ota. So clonezilla and drbl is out.

So far I have only used mender to roll out arm rpi stuff…via paid hosted mender, and the guide posted. I get the jist of it, but for instance I still do not know what the heck this is:

Can someone help me understand if this is a good way/ is there a better way? and what yocto really is?

Hello @neoweb. Yocto is a build system for embedded linux images. It’s a very flexible system used widely in the Embedded/IOT/Semiconductor industries. It is a very different setup than most users are used to so it takes a while to get comfortable with it. We have a few talks and papers that may give you a better sense of the differences.

We also have our mender-convert utility which can allow you to use binary distros. We don’t have specific support for ArchLinux in there but it should be feasible to add it. You can see some of the OSes we support here:

Hope that helps.