Response times for support

I’m curious what the general experience has been for response times of P0 issues? I have a current P0 preventing a production rollout of Mender, so I opened an email thread for support. The last response was 10 days ago. For the price of Mender Professional I expected better response times. Has this been the general experience for folks using Mender? Has anyone used alternatives that offer reasonable SLAs on non-Enterprise plans? For other software vendors in general, response times over a week long seem pretty uncommon.


Sorry to hear that you are blocked, and I apologise for possibly suboptimal communication. I do not have access to the ticket system, so I can neither confirm nor deny any activities here or which came last, but I’ve pinged the support people.
However one short remark: this post - being written on the evening of Pentecost Sunday - refers to a time span which includes no more than five working days, and at least in Europe most people won’t be back until Tuesday. I understand and agree that this is an unfortunate coincidence.


PS: I am aware of the other thread, and if I had an answer then I would have obviously given it as fast as possible. Sorry.

Thank you for the clarification. As you point out, there were merely 5 working days in that time span. Would 5 working days to respond on a P0 incident seem acceptable to you?

Hi , like I said, I understand that you are unhappy about the timeline of your particular incident handling, and I also agree that 5 working days is not particularly fast. I will try to follow up and understand where the delay happened.