Releasing new automation features and 2.4 beta

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce an update to all hosted Mender plans and release of Mender 2.4 beta!

Mender 2.4 will reduce risk of errors and security incidents and increase operational efficiency through automation. It introduces automatic assignment of delta updates, automatic deployment retries, Role Based Access Control, Dynamic groups, software distribution overview, and improved device filtering.

Read more on this blog.

Best regards,
The Mender Team


Congratulations! We are happy with the new features.
What features do you mean that improve security?
Which errors do you refer to?

Hi @shainert.israel,

Thank you, we hope that this release will contribute to your project!

The main feature for improving security in this release is Role Based Access Control (RBAC), introducing four different user roles to limit the security impact of compromised user accounts.

Regarding errors they come in many flavors and are in general reduced by the new automation features:

  • Delta updates auto assignment: Reduces errors of manually assigning the (wrong) delta to a given device, which would cause a failed update to that device.

  • Dynamic groups: Reduces human error of ensuring each device is in the correct group (and thus get the correct software during a deployment). By using dynamic groups (filters) the system will automatically group devices.

  • Automatic retry of failed device deployments: Removes intermittent errors like those due to sustained network issues, power loss or other environmental issues that are intermittent. The end result is that the user does not need to deal with this type of errors, they are automatically resolved by the system.

Did that help clarify the thinking behind this?
You can read more in the blog post: