Problem flashing NVidia Jetson/Xavier, Jetpack 5.1

Hi @lramirez ,

I’m facing issue, while flashing the Jetson NX.
I’m flashing the Jetson NX, which is running on Jetpack 5.1
I used below command:

sudo ROOTFS_AB=1 ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit nvme0n1p1

please find the attached screenshot & help me here.

Thank you
Arun reddy

Hi @user_1,

@lramirez is currently a few days off, I’ll ping him to get back to you once he’s around again. Sorry for any inconveniences!


Hi @TheYoctoJester ,

Thank you for the update.

Thank you
Arun Reddy

Hello @user_1,

This utility comes from nVidia, directly from their docs for Jetpack 4.6, I have not tried 5.1 myself yet.

Based on the latest docs it looks like the syntax is still the same. So just a couple of questions:

  • Are you sure the device is in factory reset mode? (check the jumper on the device).
  • Can you try another SD card?

If the script doesn’t work by any chance, I would suggest going to Nvidia’s official docs as they are the ones that developed that script.

Have a nice day!

HI @lramirez ,

Device details:

Nvidia Jetson NX (emmc)
120GB Storage(Nvme driver)
Jetpack version 4.6
Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS
Kernel: Linux 4.9.253-tegra
  • Currently we’re using Jetpack 4.6.
  • We’re able to falsh the Jetson Xavier NX-emmc on Nvme driver with A/B partition.
    Used Nvidia doc to flash on Nvme driver
  • Created Image using The mender way.
  • Generated mender artifact
  • Uploaded mender artifact to

We’ve changed one line from below file, as we’re using Nvme deriver as root filesystem.

i.e ./ /dev/mmcblk0 replaced with ./ /dev/nvme0n1


The issue, we’re facing while deploying the artifact into device.
Please find the attachments

Please help us here.

Thank you
Arun Reddy

Hello @lramirez @TheYoctoJester, we tried the experiment with Jetpack 5.1 & we think that Mender is currently not handling OS OTA over external drive, but just wanted to confirm this with you. If it does, could you help us with the places where we’d need to make changes for external drive?

Details of the experiment are listed in this comment: Nvidia Jetson L4T Integration - #10 by user_1

We are currently evaluating Mender Professional with 1 device with a major focus being OS OTA. We hope to scale up to thousands of devices, but we are not sure of the next step here as we aren’t confident yet whether the flow would work on Mender with our constraints (OS OTA over external, Jetpack 5.1, Xavier NX EMMC & later Orin Nano when it is released). Please let us know if it is possible to do with Mender given the constraints.

Hi @user_1,

see the response in the other thread also. Jetpack 5 is currently quite problematic. If you have a project which requires that needs to move faster than the current community state respectively is using NVidias Linux distro instead of OE4T, then please get in touch directly and we will find a way to help.