OpenResty version used in Server Mender 2.7.0?


Currently we are using Mender server 2.4.0 in combination with Mender Client 2.3.0.
A recent security assessment showed that Mender 2.4.0 is using a relatively old version of OpenResty ( dated 2018). Our security officer mandated us to move to a newer version of OpenResty.

I have a couple of questions:

  • Which version of OpenResty is used in Mender Server 2.7.0?
  • Is Mender Server 2.7.0 still compatible with Mender Client 2.3.0?

Thank you.

Hi Dave,
thanks for using Mender! With Mender 2.7.0 we switched the api gateway to Træfik (v2.4) and will stay much closer to the current release than with OpenResty. As for your second question: the server is compatible for any version after 1.7 (Deprecating Mender 1.7.0 and older on-premise | Mender).

Thank you for the swift reply.