Server compatibility

We are migrating server environments, and plan to upgrade from v2.0 during the migration.
Given we have two different major versions of the client in the field, is it appropriate/advisable to go ahead and update the server to the latest version (2.4?)?
Based on the documentation, Im assuming the v1 API will continue to be supported, and that hosting and deploying earlier artifact versions will continue to work as expected.


…current fleet consists of v1.7 and 2.0.1 clients.

Correct, the endpoints will continue to work. The only possible issue you will run into is that mender-artifact defaults to including some headers that older clients may not understand, but it has options to turn those off. See in particular the --no-checksum-provide option, mentioned in the mender-artifact changelog. Also, the 1.7 clients do not understand artifact format version 3, but you can force version 2 with -v 2.

Thanks kacf, much appreciated!