Upgrade Device from v2.4 to v2.6 using OTA or USB?

Hey guys,

I’m upgrading a Mender Server to 2.6 (currently 2.4) and would like to upgrade a couple devices to Mender Client 2.6 (currently 2.4) and Mender Artifact 3.5 (currently artifact 3.2), using OTA or USB updates, instead of manually updating it.

Are there any issues that i may experience when trying to upgrade the Mender services on the client/device using the OTA or USB deployment? I was wondering if this is a standard practice, and if i should look out for anything in particular. I tried to find some documentation on this process but was unsuccessful. The closest documentation I found was the Compatibility section in the docs, but that wasn’t explicit.

My plan is:

  1. Upgrade Mender Server to v2.6
  2. Upgrade devices by creating and deploying a full image artifact, from an image with Mender Client v2.6 and Mender Artifact v3.5. The artifact would be created using Mender Artifact v3.2.

Can someone please confirm that the Mender Services above will be upgraded on device by launching a deployment of the Artifact described above, using an OTA or USB update?

Please let me know, thanks!

I can confirm. Doing it the way you describe is the way that we recommend.

All versions of mender-artifact with the same major number are backwards compatible, so any artifact created with an old version is compatible with more recent releases of mender-artifact (but not necessarily vice versa).

Awesome, thank you for your quick response!

I’ll give that sequence a go ahead and mark your response as the solution once i get confirmation.

Thanks again!