Need help for the radxa Rock 5b

I would like to use Mender with a radxa Rock 5b as a client. Is there already information on how to create the image there? When I use the RockPro64 Config for mender-convert I get an error. Does this file already exist for the Rock5b or did you give information on how to create it?

Hi @mrm2_rock,

Thanks for reaching out. So far there is no known public support for the Rock 5b, so you have to create it. This usually means that you have to provide a bootloader that brings the Mender integration, and adjust the config file accordingly. The RockPro64 is probably a good starting point, but I don’t have any experience with neither board.

Let me see if I can find more details on that. :slight_smile:

Additionally, what error do you see? Can you provide more details?


thanks for your answer. the error is gone, i dont know why :smiley:
im trying now with several configs to build a working image.

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