Multiple pending updates piling up

Hi there,

Suppose there are 5 device users. I deploy update_1 and 2 out of 5 install it successfully and the rest of them choose to update later. But, before rest of the 3 device users install the update_1, I deploy update_2. The 2 active users get to install them without any problem, but the rest 3 users seem to be stuck in the pending stage. How do I solve this issue?

For reference, I am using raspberry pi 4 and working on an application update.

Thanks in advance.

  • Saman

Hi @SamanRatna the deployments will be done in the order they are created so if you want to bypass that you will need to explicitly abort the update_1 deployment.


Hi @drewmoseley,

Can you give some guidelines on how I can bypass the older deployments?


If you go into the Deployments tab and select the detail view of the deployment that is running that you want to cancel there should be a link to “Abort Deployment”.