Monitoring thesis question

Hello Everyone,
i’m writing on my Bachelor thesis and Mender is part of it. So i was looking at the trial version. So monitoring is here only a small part but is of relevance for my thesis. So i would like to ask what you can monitor and how you can display it? Is there a possiblity to create Dashboards, graphics, charts, etc. or are these just values as possible for the trial versions monitoring?

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Hello @fbaer,
nice thesis subject :wink:

What kind of monitoring metrics are you interested on? Infrastructure-kind metrics, like CPU, RAM, network, number of requests and so on, or application-kind metrics, like how many successful/failed deployments, how many devices and so on?

Infrastructure metrics can be retrieved with monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana, but also with Loki logs-to-metrics capabilities.
Application metrics could be retrieved with pre-built Traefik grafana dashboards, which takes the API Gateway metrics (based on Traefik). Also Loki logs-to-metrics could be useful here as well.

It depends on what you’re searching for…

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To be precise i’m evaluating what mender can do, so i’m not interested in any specific metrics but futhermore about information what mender can doon it’s own. So what metrics can you monitor and display on the hosted-Mender UI. With the trial version and following the documentation i can monitor the disk usage. Only shown as value in the UI.

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Hi @fbaer

Using mender as the only connection to the internet, one possibility would be to extend the mender inventory with the metrics you need.
From Cloud Side, you can access mender through API and poll the inventory of devices and put it into any other system (e.g. Influx). From there you can build your monitoring platform.

Kind of an hacky way, but it uses mender as transport and everything else is running on cloud side

Good luck for your thesis!

Is this all possible with the open-source version? or do i need the monitoring Add-on? If this is all possible with the open-source version, what benefit do i get from purchasing the Monitor Add-on?

Kind Regards and thanks in advance