Menderizing a VM

It’s possible I missed it, but I’m looking to take a Debian based VM (currently running in Virtualbox) and manage it with hosted Mender. I’m basically looking for the steps to take a VM running Debian (ISO or VDI), run through mender-convert, and end up with an image I can deploy and manage (push updates) with hosted Mender. I’ve successfully done this with a Pi, but not a VM. If anyone could just give me some hints / high level process that would be helpful. I was trying to convert my VM into a .img file, then push though mender convert, but that didn’t work. I was also unsure of what to use for device_type. Thanks for any insight!

Hi @tmrskos, it’s not directly supported by mender-convert at the moment. We only support Raspbian on RpI and Debian on Beaglebone Black. The mender-convert design can be expanded to support this configuration but there are always target board and target OS specifics that need to be handled. We would gladly accept submissions if you manage to get this working.

@drewmoseley - Thanks for the quick response.