Mender Troubleshoot Add-on reliability


we sometimes can’t access our devices via the troubleshoot remote terminal. 95% of the time it’s working fine, but if troubleshoot stops working, it does not work until restarting mender-connect or rebooting the device.

We have a bunch of devices set up with a custom yocto-based OS. We use EU hosted mender and have licensed the troubleshoot add-on. The devices continue to update the inventory and successfully check for and install pending deployments. Restarting the device or restarting the mender-connect systemd service over a separate SSH session immediatly fixes the issue. This problem comes up sporadically and we don’t have a way to reproduce it.

Are there any known issues with mender-connect and the troubleshooting add-on, for example when working with less reliable internet connections, wifi, …? Could problems on the server-side cause this? Does anyone have pointers what we could try? Currently my only idea is to periodically restart mender-connect, which would not be an ideal solution.

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Does anyone have an idea? What additional information can I provide to aid in resolving this?

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I since contacted support via e-mail and got a quick reply. By mistake I thought we already updated to current mender-connect 2.2.1, but we were still on 2.1.0, which apparently had known issues.

Side note: The support rep also suggested to migrate to mender client 4, if we did not rollout to production yet.

I’ll close this for now and re-open if we find more problems.

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Hi @NiBr, thanks for the recap!