Mender server GUI not displaying application (.py) update artifact using self hosted production server


I am using self-hosted on AWS EC2 mender server (version 2.4.1). For application update, I have selected a file at the device path “/opt/” to upload as below.

Since UI is showing notification as “upload successfully” But the artifact is not displaying in UI.

Device type: x86_64


Please can anyone assist me to find out why the application artifact is not showing on UI under the RELEASE tab.

Note: Other .mender artifacts are uploaded successfully.

@mzedel any ideas on this?

Hello @Rohita83,
sorry for the delay in the response - today I finally got around to test 2.4.1 for that aspect and it works fine with the regular setup. The notification indicates that the UI aspect of the upload was completed successfully and the UI doesn’t modify the release list in any way. The next best place to check might be the workflow that is responsible for the artifact generation -> @merlin, @tranchitella do you maybe have more insights what could go wrong there?
Just to be sure: did the release name differ from the name of the other artifacts you uploaded? Different artifacts with the same might be grouped into the same release and might not immediately be obvious…

Hello @Rohita83, can you please check the logs of the create-artifact-worker container and post them here?

I faced a same issue with the Mender server v2.5 Production setup.

Could you please assist me to get logs of the create-artifact-worker container?


Get the ID of your create-artifact-worker container running this command:
$ docker ps | grep create-artifact-worker

Then run:
$docker logs id-of-your-container