+ Intel NUC support?

I would like to use with Intel NUC. Is this possible? Is there a build that supports
Intel NUC 8th generation x64 processors?


I tried that and it should be possible but sharing it here is still on my todo list. Maybe as inspiration you can try this topic as example (it’s also x86 board): MinnowBoard Turbot

You can build for intel-nuc just fine. I have a one running right now. here is what i have in local.conf. The only issue i have had is NUC bios likes to make usb sticks hd0 before sata drives.even if you disable usb as a bootable method.

## MENDER ################################################



INHERIT += “mender-full”


DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"
VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = “systemd”
VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = “”



MENDER_DEVICE_TYPE = “intel-corei7-64”
MENDER_FEATURES_ENABLE_append = " mender-grub mender-image-uefi"
MENDER_FEATURES_DISABLE_append = " mender-uboot mender-image-sd"

@bbbh wold be possible to create topic on hub how to use intel nuc with mender? I’m building image now so can help also :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

Hi, is there an instruction how to build this?

@zer02 as mentioned above you can use MinnowBoard as template and use local.conf additions shared by @bbbh

@bbbh how do you manage to run from usb stick? I flashed uefimg to usb but when kernel is started it tries to mount root=/dev/sda2 which fails (as hdd is empty). Can you please share how you do it? Thanks.

@MarekBelisko, you need to figure out what the name of the USB device is in Linux and set it e.g:

There is also a possibility to utilize PARTUUID which eliminates this problem, but we do not have any good documentation for this yet but the feature is there,

@mirzak thanks that was next thing to try today ;). Also I find out about partuuid but didn’t find any documentation so now it’s clear. Also when playing with grub there should be possibility to add debug-pause functionality but cannot find appropriate patch in tree. Thanks. If it will work then I’ll create new topic.

@mirzak /dev/sdb doesn’t work also. When did some debugging in grub looks like that there is gpt partitions only (maybe need use root=LABEL=rootA). This is bit strange as /dev/sdb should exists. Puzzled. I’ll keep this thread notified if I find something.

@MarekBelisko, came to think of something. You might need this fix:

Before that there was some instability when booting from “hot plug devices”.

@mirzak yes this did the trick. Thanks. I’ll start writing topic :wink:

I didn’t run yocto from the usb. I used ubuntu live to DD the image onto the ssd, when i rebooted i had to remove the stick or it wouldn’t boot past grub as it was looking in the wrong place. but as @mirzak points out these issues have been fixed.

Intel NUC topic done. Pls check. Thanks.

Made some edits and left a comment :smiley:

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@mirzak Thanks. Fixed.

most of my software runs on ubuntu 16.04.
Is it possible to put ubuntu 16.04 or debian on mender + nuc? Thanks

Is it possible to put ubuntu 16.04 or debian on mender + nuc?

Hi @zer02, it is definitely possible but we do not yet provide anything “ready-built” or tooling to enable this easily. But we do have users who have managed to enable this on their own.

Eventually support for Ubuntu/Debian on x86 hardware might be added to our mender-convert tool