Mender-growfs-data and GPLv3 parted

Using the mender-growfs-data is very useful feature as it saves large amounts in size and initial image flashing time. The issue is it uses the parted utility which is GPLv3, due to restrictions this utility cannot be included in firmware shipped to customers. Does anyone know of any other options here or is setting the Partition sizes in Yocto to the full size of the storage device it.

Hi @zacholland,

You can at least get around the flashing time. By default a Mender-enabled Yocto build should also give you a .bmap file along the .sdimg.bz2. This can do sparse flashing to reduce the writing time by just processing actual image data. Give it a good testing for your usecase though, please.

You still have to disable mender-growfs-data and accordingly set your partition sizes, though. The latter is a best practise anyways :slight_smile:


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