Mender-connect local ssh


We have some devices that could be in a blank area without any internet access. We are looking at improcing device security. Is it possible to access the device using mender-connect without any internet access on the same local network ?


Hi @Austriker,

Mender-connect gets its credentials and connection parameters from the mender-client. If you are able to deploy from your on-premise server running on the LAN without internet connection, you should be able to use the mender-connect service as well. The requirement is the server can exchange data with the device.


Hi @lramirez,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately we use hosted mender. We are looking at our options to handle support access but our devices can be in areas where internet is not always available.

Is there any plans to handle that kind of case ?


Hi @Austriker,

At this point I don’t think it is possible, but let me ping my peer @eystein as he could give us more inputs.


@Austriker this might be related to a roadmap feature, though it looks like some variation of it.

Remote terminal isn’t like SSH, in that it doesn’t open any ports on the device (for security and enable connectivity remotely).

To clarify your scenario, you want Remote terminal access to all your devices. But in addition you want the Remote terminal to be available on the local network directly as well, as the local network may not be connected to the Internet?

@eystein Yes indeed I want to be able to access the device on the local network in case the internet access is not available or when mender client is failing (which we already experienced).

But I want to have this access secured properly. eg something like this maybe ? If You're Not Using SSH Certificates You're Doing SSH Wrong | Smallstep Blog