Mender Artifact Creation Tool

Hi all,

I am an open source enthusiast and I work at Aikaan Labs Private Limited []. We at Aikaan, have developed a tool to help create mender artifacts with the help of a user interface already hosted at []. So please check it out and provide us with your feedback.

You can also fork the source code from here [].



Hi @mrAbhishek.

This is so cool!

To be honest, we already knew about the tool, as one of our engineers stumbled upon it last week, so we have already been digging around a bit.

I personally think it looks awesome. Have not given it a run yet though. Perhaps I will this weekend!

And thanks!

Link gives me 404 though

Hey @oleorhagen,

Thanks for the feedback.

I am able to access all the links, can you help me which link is giving 404 out of these:

Link-1 : []
Link-2 : []
Link-3 : []

That would be link-3 :wink:

I have updated the link in the post now, sorry for the wrong link earlier


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