Login request for booting raspberrypi 3


Hello, i am following the mender tutorial and i am using raspberry pi 3 as a client device. I’ve followed the tutorial step by step and everythong seemed to be okay but when i boot the device with the sd card configured as described the device requests a login and i don’t know what it is.

Hope you will interact with my publication.


@MissLee welcome. If you use yocto build then username is root and there is no password.


Tnahk you it worked, now i’m in the root of the raspberry. yet i d’ont know how to proceed to make an update, knowing that i choosed the ethernet connexion between my mender server and the device.


yes i am using yokto project reference Distro


How did you specify mender server? Do you used hosted server or your custom one?


I did not use hosted mender, i followed the tutorial in the following link


@MarekBelisko do you have an idea how to proceed in my case ? i want to try the open source solution and if responds to the requirements i may use hosted server.


Please follow this documentation. It is build with demo server so you can verify.


Thank you so much