Login Information for Rasperry Pi 4?

Using the Mender guide for setting up the Raspberry Pi, I’m having an issue logging in. For reference, I’m using this image: 2022-01-28-raspios-bullseye-armhf-lite-raspberrypi4-mender-convert-3.0.1 (1).img.xz.

I setup the image using Raspberry Pi Imager. I tried first setting it up using custom settings so I could login using SSH right off the bat (i.e. gave it my SSH and user account information) without a display. This was similar to taking Option 1 in the guide but easier for me because I’m using a Windows machine. When I used that image, the device would just turn itself off during the boot up process (I have the device connected to the power supply and could see the current drop).

I proceeded to connect the device to a display, thinking that there may be an issue with the headless settings. The Pi still shutdown but showed the following error: “Failed to start Command from Kernel Command Line. See ‘systemctl status kernel-command-line.service’ for details”.

From there, I recreated the image without any custom setting using the same image as above expecting to follow the Option 2 route from the guide (using a display). The above error did not pop up anymore but the device prompted me to input a user name and password. It did not ask me to set up a user name and password but to enter them. I have no idea what username and password I should use and leaving them empty did not work.

In the guide, it says that a Wizard should pop up to setup the keyboard and user account. That did not happen of course. I’m left wondering if there is some default login information I don’t know about or if there is an issue with the image I’m using or if it’s something else.