Issue building meta-mender-core/recipes-devtools/e2fsprogs - no recipes available

When trying to build meta-mender-core I have been receiving an error:
ERROR: No recipes available for:

I currently use openembedded-core (master) poky (master) - 14.8.19

The issue is caused by a patch for e2fsprogs to remove metadata_csum from the features for ext4

I’m not sure how yocto handles patches for older versions (openembedded is using 1.45) but is the patch just a case of updating the diff for the current version?

Any thoughts on the right way to fix this issue would be appreciated.

Assuming the patch still applies, just rename the recipe in meta-mender to match the one in poky.

Such a patch won’t be accepted by us at the moment, because we are based on thud. But I suppose we will eventually go the same route.

I was hoping to come up with a solution which could be merged, don’t really want to fork for something which will have to be eventually resolved.

That said the reason for the patch may no longer apply.

Anyway thanks for your response.