Increase compression level inside Mender Artifact v3?

I am using Mender in situation where some devices have limited bandwidth connections. Is it possible to increase the compression level beyond that standard gzip used in the Mender Artifact v3 format?

Mender also supports lzma/xz

Do you know of a way to make it switch?

if your using yocto then i add thw following to MENDER_ARTIFACT_EXTRA_ARGS_append variable in my local.conf

--compression lzma -v 3

if use mender-artifact tool standalone then i add the following to my mender-artifact config file


when using lzma, mender-artifact defaults to maximum compression level i.e level 9
the default for gzip is the default flate level compression

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fyi: the ticket where it was discussed, data collated on compression comparisons

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