How to write DART-6UL image to eMMC

Hi, I am trying to use DART-6UL in eMMC mode. I did execute all commands above. But, I did not find any solution to write image to eMMC.

I power the board in sd card mode and I execute,

dd if=core-image-minimal-imx6ul-var-dart.sdimg of=/dev/mmcblk1 status=progress conv=fdatasync

But, after the command, the OS gave me Segmentation Fault error.
How can I burn my image to eMMC? What should I do? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @mEK, it’s difficult to say since I don’t have a DART with eMMC. My guess is that the error is simply that the kernel could not locate the root filesystem. Are you certain that mmcblk0 is the eMMC in this case? Have you configured MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE to match?

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seg-faulting when running the dd command, or when you try and boot from the eMMC after you have imaged it?

use fdisk to check your sdimg partitons are what you expect after imaging:
fdisk -l core-image-minimal-imx6ul-var-dart.sdimg

try issuing sync command after you have ran the dd command incase conv=fdatasync isn’t doing what you think it should.

@mEK I used the eMMC version with my own BSP and it worked well. I did observe few Kernel Oops while dd flashing the image, but in the end the image flashing was successful. BSP I used is here:

Can you share the logs?


I reconfigured MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE and MENDER_STORAGE_TOTAL_SIZE_MB variables in local.conf file. It works. Thank you for your answers.


I couldn’t find my file:

root@hero-secc:/# sudo dd if=hero-secc-firmware-release-hero-secc.sdimg of=/demmcblk1 status=progress conv=fdatasync
dd: failed to open ‘hero-secc-firmware-release-hero-secc.sdimg’: No such file or directory

root@hero-secc:/# ls
bin data etc lib media opt run sys unit_tests var
boot dev home lost+found mnt proc sbin tmp usr www

That file should exist in your build system. If you are booting off of SDCard on your device in order to write to eMMC you will need to get the file from your build system on a USB key or some such.

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