How to setup Local server and client on target?

I am looking to setup local server on my laptop and client on my target board. How to do it? It asks for pubic IP but I want to setup using local IP so that my target can communicate on local network. How can to do that?
My target is not ARM so I am building from source. make command throws “segmentation fault”
Please help.

Hi @abhishek welcome to Mender hub. What step is asking for a public IP? I suspect you can just enter the private IP of your server there and as long as your client can contact your server you should be fine.

Thank you for your response.
Can you please guide me how to build mender client from source. Is their any step-by-step tutorial/docs available?I came across this doc Notes from a user on Mender without Yocto | Mender but it does not help much. Any other resource?

Hi @abhishek those details are in the github repo for the mender client here.