How to set mender artifact name to the yocto image name?

For me, it would be natural to have the mender artifact name set to the same string as the image name generated in Yocto. Currently, I have to set MENDER_ARTIFACT_NAME manually in my local.conf file, which might not be consistent with the image name.
Is there an easy way to achieve this?

Try setting mender artifact name variable to:


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Sorry, this does not work. When i set


in my local.conf (or the one generated by kas), I get

$ more moducop-cpu01/build/tmp/work/moducop_cpu01-tdx-linux/ci4rail-bringup-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/mender/artifact_info

But the image base name should be Moducop-CPU01_Bringup-Image_CI.OS.LMP, not mender-artifact-info

i assume your images are named correctly in your deploy images directory?

the mender-artifact-info recipe is only expanding the MENDER_ARTIFACT_NAME variable, so maybe grep thru your layer/s/confs to see if anything else is setting the MENDER_ARTIFACT_NAME variable.

Also what version of yocto are you using?

Other than that try cleaning the mender-artifact-info recipe

bitbake -c clean mender-artifact-info

bitbake -c cleansstate mender-artifact-info