How to remove the boot partition from Yocto build?


AFAIK, Mender required minimum 3 partitions (2 rootfs and 1 data partition). The boot partition (4th one) which is created by Yocto is required only when we are using the ‘.sdimg’. Please correct me If I’m wrong.

Currently, we are not using the “.sdimg” and need to change the partition order. I have followed the below link:
Since, I don’t want the boot partition, I didn’t override or use the MENDER_BOOT_PART variable in the Yocto but used rootfs and data variables.

According to my new configuration, 1st and 2nd partitions are rootfs and 3rd partition is data . But, still the first partition is mounting to “/uboot”. I came to know this is coming from ‘MENDER_BOOT_PART_MOUNT_LOCATION’ but didn’t get how to change it into filesystem partition ()

How to remove this auto mount of /uboot and make the first partition for the file system correctly?

On newer Yocto branches e.g thud you can set:


To disable this functionality.

I do not think that we have something similar on older branches and you might need to modify fstab in a rootfs post process command.

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As Mirzak says, sumo branch definitely supports MENDER_BOOT_PART_SIZE_MB

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@dellgreen How about Rocko? we are using both sumo and rocko in 2 board variants.

yes, rocko supports MENDER_BOOT_PART_SIZE_MB as well

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So does pyro and morty

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@dellgreen Thank you for the reply.

So it is confirmed that, making


will disable the boot partition (this is what I required) in Thud, Sumo, Rocko, Pyro and Morty.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, it looks like the patch is in all the branches to support that.

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Yes, the boot partition is conditionally added only if MENDER_BOOT_PART_SIZE_MB is greater than zero.

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