How to get this specific attribute from the GET devices API


Is there API to get only the description of every id using the GET /devices API.
FYI: ( I would like to retrieve the id of each device but depending on the “description” )

[ {
“id” : “291ae0e5956c69c2267489213df4459d19ed48a806603def19d417d004a4b67e”,
“attributes” : [ {
“name” : “ip_addr”,
“value” : “”,
“description” : “IP address”
}, {
“name” : “mac_addr”,
“value” : “00.01:02:03:04:05”,
“description” : “MAC address”
}, {
“name” : “ports”,
“value” : [ “8080”, “8081” ],
“description” : “Open ports”
} ],
“updated_ts” : “2016-10-03T16:58:51.639Z”
}, {
“id” : “76f40e5956c699e327489213df4459d1923e1a806603def19d417d004a4a3ef”,
“attributes” : [ {
“name” : “mac”,
“value” : “00:01:02:03:04:05”,
“description” : “MAC address”
} ],
“updated_ts” : “2016-10-04T18:24:21.432Z”
} ]

HI @nishad1092 our filtering is available over the API. See for more details.

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It indeed help me alot @drewmoseley, Thank you again…

In the API side, Is there any api to retrieve the latest JWT token from the server?

This should be it:

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Hi @kacf ,

Thank you so much, So I guess I can use this to retrieve JWT for using in my API too, but will it retreive JWT Token after it expires in a week time also? I mean, will it auto renew in the process and retrieve the new JWT token, if old is expired

You always get a new JWT token from this end point. The status of the
old token doesn’t matter.

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Sure @kacf, I tested it, It works great !! Thank you…