Api search for device by identity_data json object

I dont seen that into the API doc but may be I missed somthing
I need to check if the new device I tring to preauth is already recorded and what auth status it get but I dont want to filter every other devices so I would be able to get device that match with my iddentity_data json object and not the others
is it possible ?

Does the search API work for you?

unfortunatly not … because if I’m not wrong we can only filter by STATUS or ID

» status 	body 	string 	false 	Device status filter. Can be an array for querying devices from multiple device statuses.
» id 	body 	[string] 	false 	Device ID filter. Can be a string for querying for a single device.

what I would like is to filter by iddentity_data

I see. I guess you will have to filter in your code then. Perhaps @peter has a better suggestion.


it’s not a big issue I will do it on my side
it’s not as convenient but not a big deal neither