Apply a deployment for a specific device

Good Day, Friends!

For a task, I need to create a deployment for a specific device. To do that, I need the device ID that I will use to trigger a deployment for that device via API call.

It comes to my attention only inventory attributes can be used for that API call:


# This will give me all devices (max. 500 per page)
self.api_call.endpoint = f"/api/management/v1/inventory/devices"

# This will result in empty responses
self.api_call.endpoint = f"/api/management/v1/inventory/devices?status=accepted"
self.api_call.endpoint = f"/api/management/v1/inventory/devices?serial=<serial>"
self.api_call.endpoint = f"/api/management/v1/inventory/devices?mac=<mac>"

# This will retrieve a sufficient match, but is hard to implement
self.api_call.endpoint = f"/api/management/v1/inventory/devices?wlan0_mac=<mac>"

Same problem described in this old post

My auth-set:

        auth_set = {           
            'identity_data': {
                'mac': self.mac,
                'serial': self.serial
            'pubkey': self.mender_public_key

It is not an option to expand the device inventory with serial or mac.
Using Mender 3.4

Are there other ways to fetch a device id for a specified serial or apply a deployment for that serial?

Thanks in advance!