How to enable "Mailing list mode" and other email configurations


For those users who prefer to use mailing lists over forum-style discussions, it is possible to configure your settings so that you can control what you receive by email, and even replicate mailing list functionality.

Default email settings

By default you will receive emails if you’re:

  • quoted
  • replied to
  • @-mentioned (including in groups)

And to any categories or topics you are ‘watching’.

However, by default you won’t receive emails while you are active on the site - instead you’ll see a notification by your user icon in the top right of the screen. If you would like to ensure you will always receive these emails (whether currently active on Mender Hub or not), you can adjust your email settings in Preferences. Simply check the box circled here:

Mailing list “lite”

You can also take advantage of Discourse’s notification functionality by choosing how you are notified about topics or categories. You could, for example, subscribe to notifications for every new post in the General Discussion category - this way would get an email for every post, similar to the mailing list.

To watch a category

You can change notification settings for a whole category by clicking on this button, and then choosing the level of notification you want:

Watching a topic

You can also adjust the notification level per-topic, by changing the same notification level from the bottom of the screen when viewing the topic.

Note: when you read a topic, after some time (default is 4 mins) Discourse will auto-add that topic to your ‘tracking’ list. In other words, it notes that you’ve taken an interest in a topic and subscribes you to it. You can change this setting under ‘Notifications’, where both the amount of time and the notification level are configurable and can be turned off if you wish.

Full mailing list mode

Choose this option to receive everything in your inbox - you can choose whether to include your own posts or not.

Reply by email

You also can reply to posts by replying to emails - this is already configured regardless of how you edit your email preferences. In your inbox, at the bottom of each email you should see the following:



If you are not active on the forum for a while, you will receive a weekly digest with a brief summary of activity since your last visit. This can also be configure or turned off.

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Final date: migrating Mender mailing list discussion to Mender Hub - March 4th!