Helm chart readme errors

The mender helm instructions mention to install the mongodb using the command

helm install mongodb bitnami/mongodb --version 12.1.31 --set "image.tag=4.4.13-debian-10-r29" --set "auth.enabled=false"

However, if the helm is installed with this image tag, mongodb contianer fails to start with the error mongosh command not found.
There is an bug report on the bitnami repo where they sugest to install a newer version of the image. See [bitnami/mongodb]:`arbiter` and `secondary` can not connect to `primary` if `auth.enabled: false` in `replicaset` mode. Tag >= `4.4.13-debian-10-r50` · Issue #10843 · bitnami/charts · GitHub

P.S. Is this the proper way to file bug reports? I see the github repo doesn’t allow it anymore.