Creating mender artefact for designated devices

Hello Friends!

I have created a mender artefact with the --depends <custom-key>:<value>. Something like this.

export DEPENDS="--depends stage:DEV --depends radxa_version:1.51"

# Create artifact
mender-artifact write rootfs-image \
--file $ROOTFS \
--artifact-name $ARTIFACT_NAME \
--device-type $DEVICE_TYPE \
--output-path $OUTPUT_FILE \
--software-name $SW_NAME \
--software-version $SW_VERSION \

For now I assume that the --depends option is referring to the software attributes currently installed on my device. Currently I can’t install with this option set.

2023-05-09 09:36:31 +0000 UTC error: Artifact dependency "stage" not satisfied by currently installed artifact (DEV != <nil>).

Where are these key-values pairs defined on the device?

Thanks in advance!