Deployments v2 API does not take dependencies into account

According to Deployment v2 API, it should return next update satisfying dependencies, but it seems to fail doing so.

I created a deployment targeting a specific device with an artifact that declares a dependency:

    Type:   test2
	rootfs-image.test2.version: genarti_depends_v13zc8pb
	rootfs-image.test2.version: genarti_fails_install_5n1cuuoo
    Clears Provides: ["rootfs-image.test2.*"]
    Metadata: Nothing

If I query the api with the following json data:

    "device_provides": {
        "artifact_name": "genarti_approval_install_jk8bvfz_",
        "rootfs-image.test2.version": "genarti_approval_install_jk8bvfz_",
        "device_type": "jetson-xavier-nx-devkit"
    "update_control_map": false

I receive the deployment information while I would expect a 204 response indicating that there is no deployments that satisfy dependencies.

Note: Using mender client mender check-update will not install the deployment, but still, should I expect the Deployments v2 API to return a deployment with the request body showed above?

Thanks for your help,

François Lefebvre

Are you using Mender Enterprise? Automatic dependency resolution is a feature which is exclusive to Mender Enterprise. It is equivalent to “Automatic assignment of delta updates” on Mender’s feature page.

No, only Basic for now.

Thanks for the info.