Commercial licenses in Mender's Yocto integration (meta-mender)

As part of the latest update of the meta-mender dunfell branch, there is an important license update. We are not changing any significant terms of the license, but the way that the license is accepted and included in the build has changed. This was done in order to avoid ambiguity in which license terms are actually accepted, and better comply with Yocto’s license tracker. To read more about how license tracking works in Yocto, see this earlier post on the topic.

When updating, if you are using one or more of Mender’s commercial components in your build, you need to remove any occurrence of these three lines:

LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST_append = " commercial_mender-binary-delta"

LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST_append = " commercial_mender-monitor"

LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST_append = " commercial_mender-gateway"

and replace with this one line:

LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST_append = " commercial_mender-yocto-layer-license"

It is enough to add the new line once, even if you removed multiple lines.

If you are using the meta-mender kirkstone branch (which is still not released at the time of this post, but coming soon) or later, then you need a slightly different line:

LICENSE_FLAGS_ACCEPTED:append = " commercial_mender-yocto-layer-license"