Azure RTOS compatibility

Hi Guys!
Did anyone managed to use the on Azure RTOS? Is there any working example on this topic? Or is there a plan to make the available on Azure RTOS?

Hi @KBela,

We are not aware of any ready-to-use solutions yet, but we are actively working on support for this kind of platforms - see this announce.

Having said that, depending on the exact hardware and libraries you have at your disposal there, creating a custom client should not be very complicated, it has recently been done by @joelguittet too! Check out:


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Thanks Josef for the quick response, I’ll check out the links and get back here if there’s any further question in this topic.

Hello @KBela

I’m the author of the MCU client Josef mentioned above. It has support for freertos and zephyr actually but it is possible to add Azure RTOS of course. If you have capabilities to add the support to my library and make a PR, this will be reviewed with a great attention of course !

I have not looked at Azure RTOS on my side at all, but it was scheduled as well (but preference for Zephyr so I started by this one !).