Artifact creation fails with "error while loading shared libraries:"

In recent changes I made to my project I encountered this issue:

sshpass -e mender-artifact-3.10 write rootfs-image \
    --file ssh://root@<PARAM>:22 \
    --software-version <PARAM> \
    --artifact-name <PARAM> \
    --output-path <PARAM> \
    --ssh-args='-o StrictHostKeyChecking=no' \
    --device-type <PARAM>

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
imgFilesystemType error: imgFilesystemType: blkid command failed: exit status 2
  • The mender-artifact is executed on debian-bullseye which has openssl1
  • It happens when the target host runs ubuntu 18. (When the target is ubuntu 22 the artifact is created successfully)
  • It is a consistent behavior, not flaky

Can someone help me understand it? What might cause it?
Is it an issue with my mender-client on the host? Any tips to debug it?

Thank you!

Hi @zivkapl,

If I had to guess, then it is a problem if the two Linux distribution versions in play are not both using the OpenSSL1.1 incarnation of mender-artifact or the OpenSSL3 one. Not sure about a proper solution here, maybe @lluiscampos has some thoughts.


Hi @TheYoctoJester !
Thanks for the reply!
I found the issue - I installed mender-client that relies on openssl3 on a VM with openssl1.
Funny enough, the installation itself was successful as openssl is not used yet.