Add mender to RK3399 Debian 10 image

Hello all,
Im using a RK3399 based board, the vendor supplied a Debian 10 image to load to the device, can anyone guide me on how to add mender to it?
I tried to use mender-convert but it couldnt fine any valid partitions

Hi @Fer,

Thanks for getting in touch! One of the key things in mender-convert is that it injects a bootloader which is Mender-aware. As far as I can tell, there is no such thing available at the moment for a RK3399-based board, which means that mender-convert won’t be able to help you right away.

Which particular board is this? Maybe you can either switch to Yocto, or at least use Yocto to create a patched bootloader?


Hello Josef, Im using a custom board based on RK3399 saphire excavator board, I will look into using Yocto, thank you!