Account suspended after 1 year of free use


I was using Mender successfully for a year.
Suddenly a few weeks ago I noticed I now only get message “tenant account suspended” if I try to login.
It seems that I had started the 1-year free usage exactly one year before.
Now I could consider upgrading but I’m not even able to log in an pay. I even have one somewhat remote device I’d rather still use.
I would have expected to see at least some emails about the expiring subscription but I can not find any even in the spam folders. Can’t remember if there was something on the site after logging in since I didn’t log in that often…
I wonder has anyone else experienced this and know some trick on the website?
Or perhaps the Mender customer service is reading these forums and could help?
At least they haven’t replied for a message sent through the “Contact Us” form.


Hi @j9876,

This definitely should not happen. Can you please shoot a mail to so we can fix it? This needs the mail address you used for the account. As most of the team is off for the long Easter weekend, please allow a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I’ll raise this to the operations people so we can improve the process.