Why use mender and not just the screen app?

Hello, Debian suggest to use the screen program to upgrade the os, why should I use mender instead of screen?

Hi @matteoraggi welcome to Mender hub.

The suggestion to use screen when doing updates is so that the shell running the update process is not accidentally terminated if you are using a remote or serial connection. It’s not an update client in itself; their instructions walk you through using the apt package configuration utilities to do the upgrade.

Mender’s full root filesystem update method uses completely redundant root filesystems to ensure that you have a completely atomic update, and the capability to automatically rollback in case issues are discovered during the installation. With the apt package utilities, if there is an issue halfway through the upgrade of a large number of packages, it can be tricky to figure out exactly what needs to be reverted.

Additionally, Mender provides the server side management software for your entire fleet.

Hope that helps explain a bit.