Non connected updates?

I am investigating the use of Mender as an update mechanism for a handheld device, in fact a couple of devices but one step at a time.

The devices are not permanently connected to any network. In fact they are more, rarely connected to a network. I want however to be able to apply updates to the application running on the handset but only on demand. So the user would take the device to somewhere where an update server wifi AP is available, turn on WiFi on the device, configured to only be able to connect to a pre configured AP, and connect. the server then identifies the device, performs all the checks and passes an update to the client. the update is applied and the device then shuts down the WiFi hardware to conserve power.

Could Mender be configured to perform in this manner?

Is the rollback feature able to be disabled or is it necessary to do so?

I am running a CC6 UL / Yocto based project

One option: We had a somewhat similar requirement and ended up using the official mender client in standalone mode to apply an already downloaded update and wrote our own client to interface between the cloud server and our on-demand functionality using the mender server rest API.

Could you please provide some documentation on how you use the official mender client in standalone mode? I think I want to do something similar for my project, but the official documentation is more than lacking.

The mender team have a good writeup on standalone mode which can be found here:

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