Device application updates and proxy deployments with Standalone Mender Client+HTTPS server

I am exploring the possibility of using Mender for device updates. Also need to do proxy deployment to a peripheral controller over ethernet. The trigger for the update is from MQTT with artifact residing on an external HTTPS server. I dont need to do deployments to multiple devices and most likely will not use a server other than this external HTTPS server. I had following questions:

  1. Since there is no need of Mender Client to be constantly polling a server to check for updates, I beleive the combination of Mender Client in standalone mode with HTTPS server using Mender APIs suffice this use case?
  2. Can proxy deployments be done with Mender Client in standalone mode? Does it still follow the mender-install and mender-commit steps for proxy deployment(via customised update module)?
  3. Was having second thoughts on why use a Mender Client at all if the application itself can take care of reading the artifact from external HTTPS server but I beleive the power of state scripts (in terms of pre and post processing) and the ability to rollback in case of failures outweighs this thought.