What is Mender Tenant Token?

Hi all,

I’m using Mender hosted server for my Mender OTA and I’m using MENDER_TENANT_TOKEN in client to connect with server.

But I don’t know what it is for sure and I could not find anything on documentation too. I would be grateful if someone shed light on it.

Thanks in advance.

@mirzak do you have any comments on this?

Hi @danie

Look at organization here. And it is a Tenant token, not Tenet. And it is what links your device to your user account in a multi-tenant setup, such as hosted.mender.io.

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From Mender documentation,

Organization - A single customer environment in the Mender server. Also known as a Tenant.

Note: that multi-tenancy is only supported in Mender Enterprise.

Thanks @oleorhagen for pointing this out.