View logs through Mender web UI of successful deployments?

Hello, I’m working on modifying the single-file update module for use in our specific case. I have a few cases where I want to see the logs of a successful deployment, but, that doesn’t seem to be something readily doable from the web UI.

On a failed deployment, on the specific DeviceID row, to the right of “Deployment status” is a “View Log” button. This button does not exist for a successful deployment. Is there any way to easily see the logs from the web UI?

Mender server 3.0.0 and client 2.6.0 (if that matters).


You can use the Remote Terminal feature at the bottom of the device screen to log into the device. The deployment logs are available in the /var/lib/mender/deployments*.log files.

And what can be done in the case of Remote Terminal not being enabled on a device (specifically not used in our implementation per customer requirements)? Is there no way to view successful deployment logs through the UI, only failed?

In that case I think no.

If this is for debugging, you could make an artifact with an ArtifactCommit_Leave_99 script which uploads the latest /data/deployment*.log file somewhere. I think uploading it to the Mender server won’t be possible though. I’m unsure if the backend API supports it or not, but in any case I don’t think the UI will show it for a successfully updated device. So a file upload service would be a better option.